Crowdtap – My Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza party!

I have previously mentioned Crowdtap in older posts and my experience with this website.  It’s completely free to join and you have the chance to receive free products to try and review.  I have previously received free merchandise from Old Navy – I have tried their performance attire as well as their new line of tees.  Most recently, I was invited to host a “Bottoms Bonanza” party at Old Navy.  Crowdtap sent me a coupon for myself and three friends to all pick out a FREE pair of shoes and a FREE bottom (any bottoms in the store – shorts, pants, skirts, jeans!).  This past Monday, I had a great night of fun at the Tysons Corner mall.  We met up for drinks and appetizers at Brio and then continued on to Old Navy.  We tried on just about every shoe in the store until we made our selections.  I think the general feeling in regards to the shoe selection was disappointment.  The sandals were extremely flat so they weren’t the most comfortable, but the colors were great.  The wedge sandals were very cute and I myself would have gone this direction but they were very narrow and my wide feet could not fit in them!  I ended up choosing a pair of flats for myself.  The shorts selection at Old Navy right is plentiful!  If you are into shorts, Old Navy is the place to go.  I personally do not prefer shorts so I found the Capri and skirt selection small and disappointing.  I ended up choosing a pair of jeans as did 2 of the other girls.  Only 1 ended up with a pair of linen pants that looked great on her!  Here are a couple of photos I took of some shoes we tried on:



If you are interested in joining Crowdtap and hosting similar parties, check it out HERE.


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