It seems like “reward” type sites are still trending and successful as ever.  I have been a member of Superpoints for a couple of months now and as far as I’m concerned, it’s good.  Once you join and complete your profile and upload a picture your membership level is considered “Basic” and you get 30 clicks a day on the “Super Button”.  The Super Button awards you points when you click it.  It’s easy and it doesn’t take much time.  My favorite part of the site is that they offer Amazon as a reward – my favorite!  A $5 gift card = 500 points.  You will also receive an email a day with anywhere from 1 to 25 points that you will receive just for clicking on the email.  They have other methods of earning points, but I usually stick to these two.  Although points accumulate slowly for me, it’s SUPER easy and not time-consuming – so for me – a win!

I have 2 invite codes that are one time use and are up for grabs to whoever wants them!  Superpoints is by invite only.  Once you join then you can distribute your codes to friends.

Once these are used I’m pretty sure that I’ll be awarded more, but I’m still kind of new to this site!

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