I have been a member of Crowdtap for several months but I never thought it was worthy of a post.  Until now.  Last week, I received a coupon in the mail for a FREE pair of activewear pants AND top at Old Navy!  I went into Old Navy thinking that the quality wouldn’t be that great, or it would just be your average pair of stretchy pants, but no!  Old Navy has a new line of activewear and it’s really nice!  The sale price of a pair of pants was $25 and I paired it with a matching activewear jacket which was also on sale for $25.  So I checked out and for an order that rang up to $50 – I walked away with these items for FREE!  That’s my kind of shopping!  (side note – Old Navy had a ton of stuff for 50-75% off!!)

So on to Crowdtap and how I scored this coupon.  Crowdtap is a website where members are asked questions, mostly regarding their opinions on specific brand names.  It took me several months of being a member before I was invited to take place in the Old Navy activewear group.  It’s free and you get points for simply signing in and answering questions.  As you earn points that’s how you raise up to different levels and will have more opportunities for free stuff!  You have to have an invitation to join, so click HERE if you are interested.  So one day i received an email asking if I was interested in joining the Old Navy activewear group.  I had to answer some multiple choice screener questions and then about a week later I received an email that I was accepted.  About a week after that I received my coupon!  All I have to do is go back to Crowdtap and review the product that I’m testing and post a picture of me in my activewear!  Not too bad for $50 of free product!

There is also opportunity to earn small sums of money.  When you sign up you will receive $1 in your account.  Sometimes you may answer a question and randomly be awarded $1.  Other times you will be asked to view a website or short clip and if 4 of your friends view it and rate the website (it takes 2 seconds) you will receive $1.  I just rated THIS WEBSITE and if you rate it as well, I’ll earn another $1.

That’s about it!  Like I said, it does take a little while to go up in the ranks, but it’s very easy and not at all time consuming.


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