Savored – Reservation website!

Savored is a new concept reservation website that you can book restaurant reservations through.  The difference between this and something like Opentable is that you pay upfront for your reservation $10.  You will then receive 30% off of your bill, including any alcoholic drinks!  The best part is that Savored guarantees that you will save at least $10 on your bill or they will refund your $10 reservation fee.  I have used this service about 5 times at various restaurants in Washington DC and even one in northern Virginia.  Savored also just added 5 more cities so they have restaurants in Washington DC, LA, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Denver and Atlanta.  Savored also has promotions occasionally where your reservation may only cost $2 instead of $10, just keep an eye out!!  Check out Savored HERE and you can join for free!  The are also continuously adding restaurants!!


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