My NoMoreRack experiment

In December 2010 I registered for a site called NoMoreRack.  It’s another deal type site, except every day at noon they list a random 6 or 7 items that they are selling.  These items have ranged from clothing, jewelry, clothing, makeup, etc.  It really could be anything and is very random.  When I joined I received a $10 credit from entering the code “P1070” into the “Redeem a Gift Card” option in my profile.  Since then I have looked at the deals but I haven’t done anything else, however periodically I received credits in my account.   I remember receiving an email saying “Happy Easter” we deposited $5 in your account, but I don’t remember much else.  A few weeks ago I decided to pick an item and use my credits and see what happened.  I had $27 in credits in my account from doing absolutely nothing but signing up in December.  I ordered this pair of Kenneth Cole sunglasses:

Sorry they are so small it’s the only picture I could find.  They are selling on Amazon for $55!  The price on NoMoreRack on the day they were selling them was $22 plus $2 in shipping.  I was able to apply my credits to the entire purchase including the shipping and I did not have to enter any credit card information so I decided to give it a try, fully expecting my order to be canceled.  However, yesterday I received them in the mail!  Yay!  I love when something actually works out and I spent nothing on them!!

My advice:  sign up for NoMoreRack HERE.  Go to “Redeem a gift card” once you have registered.  It can be found under “My Profile”.  Try to enter the code “P1070”.  Hopefully this will give you a $10 credit as it did for me back in December.  Then, sit on your account.  Wait for more credits or for something to go on sale that you want!  I hope this works for you too!  I now only have a $3 credit so I’m hoping more mysterious credits appear!  Shipping is always a $2 flat rate per item.  Good luck!



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3 responses to “My NoMoreRack experiment

  1. Shelly Meier

    Nice! I’m all about free credits. I will sign up today. 🙂

  2. coco11

    how do i send gift cards?

    • I don’t exactly know if you click through their site to “send” the gift card that it will work. What I’ve been doing is telling people to sign up and then go to Redeem a gift card under “My Account” and enter the code P1070 to get the $10 credit. I believe that is still working. Let me know if I’m wrong!

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