Awesome Reservation Website!!

***UPDATE!  Reservations are $2 again if booked by the end of the day Saturday, May 28th.  This means BOOKED, not the date that you have to dine at the restaurant.  It’s such a great deal – 30% off your entire bill including alcohol!!  Sign up HERE.***

So my good friend Samantha told me about this new site Village Vines about a month ago.  I wanted to try it out for myself before writing about it and I have been able to use it 2 times myself.  Basically, you make a reservation that will cost you $10 up front BUT then you receive 30% off your bill.  And for 90% of the restaurants that INCLUDES ALCOHOL!!!  Last night I visited Co Co Sala in Washington, DC – party of 3.  Our reservation cost $10 but we saved $44 off of our bill without having to do a thing.  No awkward handing over of a coupon, no begging for a discount,the $44 came off automatically without a word from anyone.  Awesome!!

Village Vines is only available in 5 cities right now – New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, San Francisco and Chicago.  Sign up for a FREE account HERE and start booking reservations!  Any reservations that you book by Sunday, April 24th will only cost you $2.  This is such a great way to try new restaurants that may normally be too expensive for your dining out budget.  I love it and I’m busy booking my $2 reservations right now.  🙂


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