Totsy – $15 credit

 Totsy is an online sales site for baby and children’s merchandise that I was just introduced to.  Right now there is a $15 coupon code (15CREDIT) that even applies to shipping!  I’m not sure how long it lasts so start shopping!  Sign up for Totsy HERE and take a look around.  If you would like to minimize your out of pocket expense, keep in mind that shipping is $7.95, so try to buy an item that is as close to $7.05 as possible.  Below is my order.  I purchased a cute blanket that I’m going to hold on to for a baby shower gift in the future.  My total price came to $1.40 after shipping and the $15 credit!!  There were a lot of sales going on but I just didn’t have the time to really look around so I really went for the first thing I saw that I liked.  There were clothes, DVD’s, books, toys and more!  I’ll definitely be using Totsy in the future for gifts!

When I placed my order I wasn’t sure if it went through because I got an error screen in Microsoft Explore, I checked my Account in Totsy and my order was there and had went through.  Don’t place your order twice if you are thinking it didn’t go through, it probably did!

Order Subtotal: 



 Sales Tax:


  Promotion Savings:








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