Jasmere – $5 credit for survey!

Jasmere is an online deal site that seeks out very small unknown internet companies that don’t have the budgets to advertise nationally.  I often see very unique merchandise offered on Jasmere.  Another great thing about Jasmere is that they post a price for the deal – say $25 for $40 of merchandise at a certain site.  If enough people buy, this price has the chance to go even lower.  You will never pay more than the $25 but you could very well pay less! 

Right now Jasmere is offering a $5 credit to your account for taking a very short survey!  I just took it, literally it took about 2 minutes!

If you have not joined Jasmere yet you will first need to sign-up HERE.

After you have become a member, click HERE to take the survey and then MAGIC – $5 will be credited to your account.  This survey is available until 1/10 – so act now!

To give you an idea of the kind of retailers you will see here is today’s deal:

$14 for a $34 voucher – Resolve to think positive and look great doing so, in comfy, eco-friendly tops by Tees for Change


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