I cashed out my Opinion Outpost account!

Opinion Outpost

Of all the survey companies that I belong to (and yes, there are more than I would like to admit), Opinion Outpost is my favorite.  I receive a lot of survey invitations and I tend to only complete the short ones, but the amounts add up!  I just cashed out for an instant Amazon gift card code for $22.40!  This is another reason that I recommend Opinion Outpost above all the rest if you are interested in taking surveys for money, you can choose to receive your compensation via Visa gift card, Amazon gift card, or receive a check in the mail.  Given that it’s close to Christmas time and I do a lot of Amazon shopping, this is perfect!

To give everyone an idea, I joined Opinion Outpost at the very end of July and I DO NOT complete all the surveys, and cashed out for the $22.40.  This isn’t going to make you rich, but if you are sitting in front of your tv, it might be a good use of time.  Join HERE today!

PS – my goal is to not cash out my account again until the end of November next year – hopefully this account along with a few other survey accounts and my Swagbucks (read about Swagbucks HERE or click the image on the right of my page to join!) Amazon $$ will help make my Christmas shopping free next year!  I’ll keep you posted on some other good sites to join for anyone interested in doing the same!


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