Black Friday on Ebates!

I just wanted to remind everyone that it’s also Black Friday in the Cyber World!  I just placed my order for my All You magazine subscription (great couponing magazine that I posted about HERE).  The subscription is $19.97 at but since I shopped through Ebates today I will be receiving 51% cash back through my Ebates account – that’s $9.79 for 12 issues of this great magazine!  I then went back to Ebates and searched and bought my yearly Entertainment book!  The book for my region was on sale for $24.50 so I will receive $12.50 back in my Ebates account!  In order to see the highest cash back stores, log in to your Ebates account or create a new one HERE.  Click on “shop all stores” in the upper left hand corner and then click on the header “cash back” – this will sort the stores by cash back and you can see what kind of deals are available this Black Friday!  A lot of the stores are DOUBLE what they normally are in terms of cash back and this does not include the sales that they actual retailers are having!  I’m also going to be ordering black and color ink cartridges from since they have 27% cash back today on Ebates.  I just love Black Friday!


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