Cash Back sites and Black Friday

I love, love, love shopping on Black Friday.  If you know me, this is not news to you.  However, I know that some people can’t stand the crowds of people.  If you are one of them, and prefer online shopping to hoards of people, prepare yourself this year!  On Black Friday and Cyber Monday the cash back sites will offer very high cash back percentages – some of them are doubled compared to the normal cash back percentage!  Last year I took this opportunity to order some ink cartridges for my computer and my All You magazine subscription in addition to some gifts for family members.  For this magazine subscription Ebates was offering 45% cash back – Incredible!  I made sure to cancel the auto-renewal of my magazine and will be ordering again this Friday!  So be prepared!  Sign up now for Ebates or Shopathome if you are not already!  You will earn $5 for signing up and up to double cash back for using them for your holiday shopping!  Click HERE to sign up for Ebates and/or HERE to sign up for Shopathome

**PS – I learned something new today about EbatesGROUPON – one of my other favorite deal sites is a participating store on Ebates and TODAY you will earn double cash back for any Groupon purchase if you click-through from Ebates.  Normally the cash back percentages is 3% but today it is 6% – so if you were interested in the $25 for $50 at Nordstrom Rack deal – now is the time to buy!  Here is how to work the deal:

If you have not joined Groupon yet you will need to join first – click HERE to join Groupon now.

Once you have joined Groupon, click HERE to sign up for Ebates.

Then, in the upper right hand corner of the Ebates homepage type in “Groupon” (or whatever store you would like to shop at) in the search field.  Groupon will then be listed in your search results – click “Shop Now” and Ebates will bring you directly to Groupon where you can make your purchase!  You will earn 6% back on your purchase and an additional $5 just for joining.  So, if you were to spend $25 at Groupon, you will receive $1.50 back on your purchase in your Ebates account and $5 for joining, for a total of $6.50.


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