Last Chance – The Foundary

UPDATE:  I posted about The Foundary 2 weeks ago (original post is below this paragraph).  Their current referral program will earn you $1 for every friend that signs up with your referral link up to 50 friends.  The sales change daily and this $50 will definitely allow for a couple of free items to be purchased.  Yesterday I received an email that they are changing their program starting TOMORROW, November 19th that will only allow up to $10 in referral rewards.  That means that if you want to be grandfathered in and allowed $50 in referral rewards – YOU MUST SIGN UP TODAY!  It’s free to join and there is absolutely no obligation – so I recommend signing up TODAY just in case you want to take advantage of the up to $50 in referral credit!  Sign up HERE!!!  If you are familiar with The Gilt Group or Rue La La, The Foundary is exactly the same concept.  Different brands offer sales daily – wait for the one you want and then BUY!

I know, I know, there are so many deal websites now!  My motto with good deal websites is of course, the more the merrier!  However, I know that they can be overwhelming.

I just signed up today for another new one – The Foundary.  The reason that I like this one is that for every friend you refer that signs up, you will receive $1 in your account – up to $50.  The reason that I love this is because they don’t have to make a purchase, just sign up.  If one of your friends actually makes a purchase then you will receive $20! 

For the deals currently available, I found under “Joseph Joseph” a cutting board that was only $14 with free shipping – so if you refer 14 people, it would be free!

I would be so appreciative of anyone who likes this concept and would like to sign up HERE to be my referral so I can earn $1!  I also have to say that I am starting to pay especially close attention to these sites as we are getting closer to Christmas – I think there are so many great deals that would make great Christmas gifts for anyone in your family!


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