Preparing for online holiday shopping

One of the very first sites I heard about when I became interested obsessed with saving money was EbatesEbates is the website that you visit before starting your online shopping.  You log in and then click-through to your desired retailer.  Ebates tracks the amount of your purchase and you earn cash back in your account.  For joining Ebates you earn an initial $5 and every 3 months you will receive a check as long as your balance is at least $5.  I just received my check today for the third quarter for $15.75.  I know that doesn’t seem like very much, but I did very little to earn this cash back and it really adds up.  I received my first check back in February of 2007 and in total have earned $361.99!!  My highest checks come in February after my holiday shopping!  This past holiday season earned me $32.54 while the year before that earned me a whopping $89.68!!  (I lived out-of-town that year and did almost 100% of my shopping online:) )  In addition to the cash back you earn from online shopping, you can also earn $5 for every friend you refer who makes a purchase!  Click HERE to join Ebates now and start earning while holiday shopping!

I think EVERYONE should be a member of at least 1 online cash back site and I thought I hit the jackpot when I first discovered these sites.  I’m sure there are too many to mention and I have decided that for my own purposes and level of interest obsession that I would be an active member of 2 sites.  I do this so that I can compare the % cash back.  Again, this is my preference but I know that this is probably too obsessive for some!  However, for the sake of those out there that are like me, the second site I recommend is ShopathomeShopathome works almost exactly the same as Ebates but occasionally I find higher cash back %’s.  The one downfall I see with Shopathome when comparing to Ebates is that Shopathome requires you to have $20 in your account before they will send you a check.  They also pay $5 for each referral.  Click HERE if you would like to join Shopathome!

Whichever site you prefer, whether it is Ebates, Shopathome, or another one out there that I have not mentioned – if you do any online shopping, I highly recommend joining!  I can’t say enough about these sites, because it is truly free money!!

Does anyone use a different site that they love??  Let me know!


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