Eversave magazine deal!

Eversave is yet ANOTHER special deal website.  Is anyone else starting to wonder how long some of these sites will last?  Anyway, I wanted to point out this website today because they have a deal to pay $12 for $26 worth of magazines at Blue Dolphin – check out the details and join Eversave HERE.  If you are a magazine person this is definitely a great deal for you.  If not, Eversave also has a deal on gourmet truffles and caramels today!  For signing up you will receive $5 Eversave dollars as well to make the deal even sweeter!  One deal idea would be to buy the magazine All You (19.99) and you will still have $6 left over to put towards your favorite magazine.  I wrote about All You right HERE.  All You is a great magazine for couponers (tons of coupons in ever issue – TONS) and they also provide great recipes and money-saving tips.  All You is available at Wal-Mart for $2.50 an issue so this would be a great money-saving opportunity if you were thinking of buying it already!

Note:  Once you purchase your coupon code to Blue Dolphin will be available in 2 days.  Also, I have never used Blue Dolphin as a magazine purchasing site, but I have used several others.  When you purchase your magazines – make sure that they are not set to auto-renew!  If they are make sure you uncheck that option or send an email to have the auto-renew option taken off.


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