Swabucks – New Member code

If you have not joined Swagbucks yet, now is the time – if you enter SBTVisOnTheAir during the registration process you will earn 30 swagbucks in addition to the 30 you will receive just for joining.  Click on the Swagbucks button to the right side of this page to join now!

Everyone knows that Swagbucks is my all time favorite website, at least in terms of earning free money!  Every time I reach 450 swagbucks I turn them in for a $5 Amazon e-gift card.  All you have to do is use Swagbucks as a search engine and you will periodically be rewarded in swagbucks.  In addition, along the top bar of Swagbucks under the drop menu “Earn” you can earn 2 Swagbucks daily for taking the daily poll, 2 Swagbucks daily just for visiting the Swagbucks survey page and 2 Swagbucks daily for clicking through the No Obligation Offers (NOSO).  Tonight Swagbucks is also revealing a Swagbucks tv where you can earn Swagbucks for watching videos.  Stay tuned for that excitement!


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