It’s no surprise to anyone that I am a huge fan of the collective buying power sites.  I sign up for every one that comes along including my favorite Groupon and also Living Social, Plum District, Specialicous, and really the list goes on and on.  I wanted to take a quick moment to share the site that I just became a member of.  The reason I want to share this site today is because for a limited time when you take a very short survey after signing up, you will receive a $5 coupon code that expires on 10/31.

The site is called Jasmere.  I have heard of it before but didn’t realize that it was another collective buying power site.  This site also has a 24 hour deal and advertises a price but when you purchase you will not be charged right away because depending on the number of people who buy, the price could get lower!  (but not higher 🙂 )  Sign up HERE and then once you do come back and click on THIS LINK to take the survey and receive your $5 coupon code.  Also, on Jasmere for each friend you refer your account will be credited for $10 – which is great!  If you refer enough people you could earn enough to buy a Christmas gift at no cost to yourself!  Also, if you then like their site on Facebook HERE, you will have the opportunity to win a gift for free – they give away something every day to a Facebook fan!  I’m crossing my fingers to be chosen soon!


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