Discounted Gift Cards

I recently found and experimented with a couple of great gift card purchasing/selling sites that I wanted to share.  I’m sure there are more out there but I can personally attest to these sites.  Both of these gift card sites allow you to buy and sell gift cards at a discounted price.  Basically, they buy gift cards from people and then resell them at lower than value.  The discounts are different on each website so I compared before making my purchases.  I purchased a Kohl’s gift card (14% discount) from Plastic Jungle and I purchased an Ann Taylor Loft gift card (21% discount) from ABC gift cards.  A lot of the cards they are selling have odd dollar amounts because they are merchandise credits and they are not going to be packaged in the pretty boxes or card holders if you are planning on purchasing for a gift.  Also, the two that I purchased had the dollar amounts written in pen on the back of the card, so like I said, just be cognizant of this if you are purchasing for a gift.  I purchased these cards because I am frequently shopping at both of these stores and know that I will use the cards so it’s like an automatic savings on my purchase!  The inventory is always changing so the stores may not always be the same.  I also noticed that they have stores like Home Depot/Lowe’s so if you are planning a big home improvement project there is some savings to be had!

I also took this opportunity to sell a gift card that I have been holding on to for quite some time.  I had a $100 Victoria’s Secret gift card from last Christmas that I had not used.  I find that I rarely find good deals at Victoria’s Secret and don’t shop there very often.  After checking both sites for rates I sold my card to Plastic Jungle in exchange for an $84 credit to Amazon.  Alternatively, I could have received $80 in cash.  Since I buy just about everything on Amazon it was worth the extra $4 over the cash offer.  Again, both sites offer these services so check both to find the best rate!  They also paid for mailing so once I accepted the offer I printed out a shipping label, taped it to my envelope with the gift card inside and sent it off.  It took about a week for them to verify my gift card before I received the Amazon code which I thought was very reasonable.

One other note on my review of these two gift card sites:  while I will continue to use both sites, one difference between the two is that with ABC Gift Cards, since I am on the mailing list now, I receive periodic offers with an increased incentive to buy certain gift cards.  They will choose a few vendors and increase the discount percentage on the gift card.  A few weeks ago I decided to buy another Ann Taylor gift card because with the special offer code the gift card was discounted another 10% – for a total of 31% off the value.  I have a lot of Ann Taylor shopping to do now!

PS – To any of my family members reading, I am more than happy to receive gift cards with odd dollar amounts and writing on the back of them as gifts!  Just wanted to make sure that there was no confusion 🙂


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