The Kellogg’s deal ended yesterday at Harris Teeter.  I think I may have gone slightly overboard.  🙂 

In total, I spent $28.01.  This includes:

Pictured:  57 boxes of pop tarts, 5 boxes of nutri-grain bars and 48 boxes of cereal

Not Pictured: 4 small cans of cinnamon buns, 3 zucchini, a few pounds of peaches, 2 pounds of bananas, 1 package of zip lock bags and 2 sour cream containers

After all of this, I also have 4 $10 coupons for my next purchase that expire in 2 weeks.  Today starts the Super Double coupon promotion at Harris Teeter, so I think this $40 will go a REALLY long way.  Reminder:  the Super Double coupons promotion involves doubling coupons up to $1.98.  You may use 20 coupons per day.  This promotion lasts until Tuesday, August 16th.



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2 responses to “Overboard!

  1. JoAnn Tolle

    I think you did a great job! Since it is just you and your husband – why don’t you donate some of the surplus to a food pantry. Interfaith Relief is in Leesburg. You would have a great feeling afterwards, and then go shopping at the Outlets! 🙂

    Ta Ta !!

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