My Swagbucks Brag Story

As of today I have earned $100 in Amazon gift cards since 10/29/09!  All for searching the internet via Swagbucks!  I have gotten in the habit of searching for EVERY website I use through Swagbucks so that I will be rewarded.  I search for Facebook, Hotmail, Coupon Controller :), you name it and I always go through Swagbucks.  I have started saving these Amazon gift cards for Christmas presents and have $40 ready to buy gifts on Amazon.  If you are interested in signing up click on the Swagbucks link on the right hand side of the page!  If you haven’t started using your Swagbucks account, start today so you can start saving for Christmas!  There are many other gift cards, not just Amazon, but that one seems to be the best value and I love shopping at Amazon!  If you are reading this in email you can copy and past this URL into your browser to join today!


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