CVS Advisor

If you are addicted to shopping at CVS like I am, you may want to head on over HERE and sign up for the CVS Advisor panel.  Once you sign up you will periodically receive surveys that once you complete, reward you in CVS Extra Bucks.  To define periodically, the surveys DO NOT come very often.  However, once they come, they take a few minutes and you receive free Extra Bucks!  In my case, I joined on 1/26 and I have only received 2 surveys.  The first took about 2 minutes and I received 5 Extra Bucks.  The second came just last week and if I had qualified for the survey, it was worth 15 Extra Bucks.  I did not, so after about 30 seconds of work I was rewarded with $2 in Extra Bucks.  Considering the lack of time and effort this program takes, receiving free Extra Bucks is certainly worth it for me!


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