Collective Buying Power

Recently, it seems that websites are popping up everywhere offering large discounts to a large group of people.  Generally, the deal will go “live” once a pre-determined amount of people have purchased the discount.  Genius!  Generally, these discounts are for restaurants, salons, entertainment and offer discounts around 50% off!  How does it work?  For most sites there is a deal per business day.  If you sign-up, you will receive an email everyday explaining the deal and any stipulations, like expiration date.  The site will say something like $20 for $40 of food at Maggiano’s (this would be a great one for me 🙂 ) and you will have the rest of that day to decide to buy it.  When you purchase it you will receive a voucher and can print out and use before the expiration date!  I recently used Groupon for our date night in DC and it worked fabulously for a half price meal in DC!!  I also purchased a couple of massages which I am just DYING to use very soon!  Please remember that you pay UP FRONT for this coupon so make sure that you are going to USE the coupon.  So you will pay $20 on your credit card and then when you go to the restaurant they will deduct the entire $40 from your bill (using my example from above).

Here are all the websites I have found and joined so far:

Groupon – In my opinion, this seems to be the largest and most well known.  There are over 60 listed cities to choose from!  Another thing I like about it is that if you don’t live in the city, there are options for you as well.  I have Washington DC as my city but it allows me to further choose Northern Virginia.  Every day in my email I can see the deal from DC, Northern VA and Southern MD.  I have purchased 2 Groupons already and it works great!!  Plus, if you invite your friends and they make a purchase, you will receive $10 towards any Groupon.  Join HERE.

Living Social – I have purchased a spa package from Living Social in the DC area.  I haven’t used it yet, but it works the same as Groupon.  They will give you $5 for referring a friend who makes a purchase and your friend will get $5 just for joining with your referral to help them with their first purchase.  Click HERE to use my referral link and have $5 deposited into your account.  They are operating in less cities currently, but I am sure they will grow.  Currently there are 23 cities and sometimes the deal they post will be outside of the city.

Tippr – Currently Tippr is only available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, LA, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington DC.  One unique thing with Tippr is that at times they offer an accelerated deal.  So if more people purchase the deal you will get more!  For example, if it starts at $10 for $20 of food, it would say that if 100 people buy it you will end up with $10 for $25 of food, even if you buy at the very beginning.  The deal gets better as more people purchase!  Update:  Tippr now offers a referral bonus!

BuyWithMe – Currently available in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Diego and Washington DC.  They are small but also have more than 1 active deal in each city – DC has 5 active right now.  Also no referral bonus.

Specialicious – Currently, Specialicious only has deals for Northern VA businesses.  They have 1 deal per weekday and work exactly like Groupon with a $10 referral bonus when a friend makes a purchase.  Today’s deal is $25 for $45 at Ping by Charlie Chang’s in Arlington.

These are all the sites that I am currently signed up for and know about.  Let me know if you come across anymore, they seem to be multiplying quickly!  I love receiving my emails in the morning to see if there is something good that day!  It’s a great way to try new restaurants in your area and to splurge on things like massage treatments which I would prefer to not pay full price for!



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3 responses to “Collective Buying Power

  1. Helen

    Hey, CouponController!
    I joined Groupon in the Philly area and last week I purchased a $25 coupon for ChesterSpringsBakery for $10. They are up at Ludwig’s Corner Shoppes. Worked like a charm….can’t wait to use it when some of my “favorites” are in the area!

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