Hot Entertainment book deal!

Entertainment® - Dine. Shop. Travel. Save.®

Back in February I posted HERE about my favorite ways to score cheap restaurant meals.  The Entertainment book is by far the easiest way for me to dine out with my husband without breaking the bank.  TODAY only the Entertainment book is on sale for $12 with FREE shipping!  Most of the coupons expire November 1st so you have about 5 months to use some coupons and make the book worth it.  If you shop at Safeway there will be 2 $5 right in the front!  To make this an even sweeter deal, Shopathome is offering $7 cash back for simply clicking to through their website.  If you are not yet a member of Shopathome then you will also receive $5 joining, which would make your entertainment book essentially free!!  Click HERE to join Shopathome, then search “entertainment” and purchase your book!



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4 responses to “Hot Entertainment book deal!

  1. Hi Kimberly –
    I work with your Dad’s wife. Thanks for posting all the deals! I bought the entertainment book from the ShopatHome website. Unfortunately – the $7 dollars off did not work. Still – I checked out the coupons, and it will still be worthwhile at $12.


    Ta Ta !!

    • Great! I love my entertainment book and I think I bought it back when it was $25. It helps us try out all kinds of new restaurants. Let me know if there are any restaurant coupons in particular around you that you want and I can mail mine to you if we haven’t used them. I think that your $7 for Shopathome takes a few days to show up in your account so hopefully you will see it soon. If not, i’m sorry!

      • Hooray! I got the $7 in my Shopathome account.

        Question – How do I use it? Sorry – I am new to a bunch of this stuff, and I am trying to make the best use of it.

        Today, I got a coupon for free Kraft Mac-n-cheese in the mail. My son loves that one! 🙂

  2. Never mind. I figured it out. I have to wait until I have $20 dollars before they cut a check.
    Thanks! 🙂

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