Harris Teeter Trip #1

Transaction #1:  I split up my transactions because the Lysol all-purpose cleaner and toilet bowl cleaner were both buy one get one free and the Harris Teeter policy says you can only use one coupon per the 2 items.  Fortunately, at Harris Teeter, their buy one get one free items ring up half price for each so with the $0.50 and $0.75 coupons I had all 4 were free. (and I have 2 more coupons to go back tonight!)  In the picture above, all items were free, though my total came to $0.04 (the Digiorno pizza was from a free coupon that I got from Kraft First Taste – up to $3.30, so that is where my $0.04 total came from) and $0.30 for tax, so a grand total of $0.34.  I think I’ll take that!!

Transaction #2 – In this transaction the Lysol cleaners and hot sauce were free but everything else cost a small amount.  This total after tax was $1.66.  The sour cream cost $0.20 each, the yogurt was $0.29, and the Cheez-It’s were $0.25 to give you an idea.

I plan on going back tonight if I don’t work too late.  I have to use the other coupons I have for free cleaning supplies!  I also have a couple more hot sauce coupons (which my husband eats like it’s water) and the French’s honey mustard dipping sauce!  I put together a lot of these scenarios using a post I found at weusecoupons.com HERE.  This website is very cool – it’s a forum where anyone can register and post about deals or ask questions to the other members.  You can browse the home page to see the hot topics of the day or you can choose a specific store or topic to browse within.


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