My Safeway Day!

I had a great day at Safeway today!  I can’t even believe how little I spent on what I bought.  If you shop at Safeway and have not signed up for Shortcuts, cellfire or P&G e-coupons yet, you need to sign up immediately!!  Read about it HERE.  I purchased some items today and with my manufacturer coupon and the e-coupons, Safeway somehow paid me to buy those items!  Here is a summary of my purchases:

Transaction #1:

I did this transaction separate because I knew that I would receive a $2.50 coupon back from buying the 4 boxes of fruit snacks and I could then use that coupon right away on the other items on my list.  What I didn’t know was that so many “e-coupons” were going to be deducted that I couldn’t use  my coupon for the cereal, so I just bought another one in transaction #2!  Total out of pocket cost = $0.65 with a $2.50 coupon for my next purchase.


Transaction #2:

More fruit snacks!  For these 4 boxes I received another $2.50 coupon for my next purchase.  I also bought the other box of cereal to use my $1 coupon and everything purchased except the lunchables and Oreo cakesters was part of the buy 5 and save $5 off your order promotion.  The cakesters were free from a coupon I received from Kraft First Choice and the lunchables were free from a coupon I had printed off awhile ago.  Total out of pocket cost = $1.63 with a $2.50 coupon for my next purchase.


Transaction #3:

When I got home from work I decided to go to the Safeway near my house since a couple of items were not available at the Safeway near work.  This trip turned out amazing.  I am still not sure how it really happened, but my savings at the bottom of my receipt was 100%!  I had multiple “e-coupons” come off,  many of the items creating large overages, which completely paid for the items I actually needed like lunch meat, bananas, cheese and soy sauce, all of which I didn’t even have a coupon for.  I used the $2.50 off from early and my total out of pocket expense for everything in this photo was $0.60!!  $0.55 of that was tax – so I was able to get my sub-total down to only $0.05.  I have to believe that these e-coupons that I am able to load on my card and use 5 for 1 item must be a glitch and will probably be fixed eventually, but I am thrilled in my purchase today!!  I think I’m going to keep my receipt forever, like a true coupon nerd!  🙂

If you are interested in learning more about Safeway and how to load these “e-coupons” onto your card, visit my post HERE.  A few of the items I purchased in transaction #3 were not on sale, but I knew I had a coupon loaded on my card and I had a coupon from the newspaper insert so I thought I would test out how it would work.  In the case of the Fiber One yogurt, it was $2.50 and then $3.00 was automatically deducted and then I used a $0.50 coupon from the paper that doubled.  So for that one item I had a $1.50 overage!  It gets even better, for the Nature Valley Nut Clusters, they were on sale for $1.50 (after the $5 came off for buying 5 products) and then $5.00 was automatically deducted for e-coupons!  Then I had a $1 coupon – so I had an overage of $4.50 for this one item!  Yikes!  Do you see what I mean about how this might be a glitch?!?

My total for all items in the 3 pictures was $2.88!!!  AFTER tax!!



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2 responses to “My Safeway Day!

  1. JoAnn Tolle

    All I can say is – Wow!

    I definitely have to sign up for these e-coupons etc. I go to Safeway all the time.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Ta Ta !!

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