Shopping at Safeway


If you shop at Safeway (or affiliate stores – Vons, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Genuardis or Carrs), as I occasionally do, there are some tips that I would like to pass on that have saved me several dollars on grocery shopping trips.

  1. First and foremost, you must have a Safeway loyalty card!  If you don’t, sign up for one immediately in your store or online.
  2. Visit the coupon link at
  3. On the right under “Print and Digital Coupons” click “Get Coupons Now” – you can print coupons here (some come from but others are Safeway coupons) or you can load to your club card.  If you choose to load to your club card, you will need to register your card.
  4. Return to the coupon link page at
  5. In the center of the webpage you will see a section titled “Digital Coupons”.  There is a link for, Cellfire and P&GeSaver.  Visit each of these links and register your Safeway club card.  Each of these sites have e-coupons that you can load onto your Safeway card.  When you buy one of those products the e-coupon will automatically be deducted from your total.  I have used e-coupons from these sites and my Safeway accepts my hard-copy coupons in conjunction with the e-coupons for double the savings!  I load all the coupons available from all of these sites, whether I plan on purchasing or not, just in case!

This is what happened to me the first time I used the above e-coupon sites:  I purchased a 4-pack of Fiber One yogurt that was on sale for $2.  I handed the cashier my $0.50 coupon which I cut from the newspaper insert, which doubled, bringing the cost down to $1.  Then, on my receipt, an additional $3 was deducted because I had loaded a $1 off Fiber One yogurt from 3 of the sites!!  I was so surprised that all of the e-coupons actually worked, given that I had only bought one package of yogurt, but if they want to pay me $2 to buy 4 yogurts, I won’t complain!!  I’m sure this will not happen every time I purchase a product that has an e-coupon available, but for my first purchase I was ecstatic!

I will post any of these great deals that I find with e-coupons so that you can follow suit and maybe earn some money on yogurt like I did!  Also, if anyone reading finds a great deal, leave a comment and share!


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