Cheap Magazine Subscriptions at Amazon

Since I recently ordered a magazine subscription through Amazon, they sent me a coupon code for 50% off all of the following magazines.  The code is MAGFEB50 and you enter this at check-out.  All magazines are set to auto-renew so make sure you cancel them before they renew for another year!

The prices listed are AFTER the 50% discount, so you will see the higher price when you look on Amazon. Here is the full list of participating magazines.

Good Housekeeping – $3.99
Family Fun – $4.98
Marie Claire – $4.00
Maxim – $5.00
Popular Mechanics – $5.00
Redbook – $4.00
Harper’s Bazaar – $4.00
Esquire – $4.00
Islands – $6.00
American Photo – $6.48
Parenting, Early Years – $4.99
Parenting, School Years – $4.99
Sound & Vision – $6.00
Working Mother – $4.99
Spa Magazine – $6.00


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