Rite Aid 101

As a follow-up to my CVS 101 post, here is Rite Aid 101! 

The program at Rite Aid is very easy to use, but you usually have to spend a little more money out of pocket.  When you scour the Rite Aid circular you will see advertised sales prices with a “single check rebate” bringing the price down further.  The single check rebate is simply a cash back rebate program.  Once you purchase qualifying items, return home and enter your receipt online!  There is also an option to send your receipt in, but the online option seems much easier to me!  After a couple of days you will receive an e-mail if they accepted your rebate.  Then, once a month, you request your rebate check.  That’s all!  You can use manufacturer coupons and Rite Aid coupons to bring your out of pocket costs down and that will not affect your rebate.  Make sure to pay attention to the rebate restriction!  Usually there is a limit of 1 per household, sometimes more.  Go HERE to sign up for your Rite Aid account now! 

Once you have signed up for Rite Aid online, also take a look at the Rite Aid video values.  After watching a short video for a product you will receive a Rite Aid coupon in your account.  After watching 20 videos you will receive a $5 off $20 Rite Aid purchase coupon (one per month).  The videos will reset at the beginning of the  month but the coupons don’t expire until the end of the next month, so watch those videos and hopefully you can combine the coupons with a great sale before they expire!  Since these are Rite Aid coupons you can combine each coupon with a manufacturer coupon to increase your savings.


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